Functionality & Design

AL's Tailoring is a one woman show; designed and handmade by Allison Glasoe.  
Creating since a young age, Allison started sewing professionally at 16. Five years working as a tailor in Minneapolis lead to creating bags and modeling for an Etsy shop in Chicago in 2010. This experience fueled a desire to start a business of her own. 

Now she's back in Minneapolis and pursuing her dream. She offers tailoring services in the Northeast Minneapolis area as well as creating a wide range of products.


Minimum Tailoring Order is 20$ Usually two items will do the trick!

Appointment / Cancelation Policy:
AL/s Tailoring is a by appointment only business. Cancelation or rescheduling for an appointment must happen 24 hours prior to your appointment. A 20$ charge will occur for late cancelation or no-show.

Payment is processed upon pick up, like most services. Cash, Credit Cards, and Venmo are accepted payment methods.
All work is guaranteed, but for fit issues please contact within 60 days. Due to possible changes in body shape over time, fit issues can not be guaranteed for any longer than 60 days.

Pricing: (Can vary depending on construction and material. These are not final prices, they are a guide.)
Regular Hem: 15
Blind Hem / Trouser Hem: 20-30
Euro Hem: 20 - 25
Sides in: 18-25
Small - Large Mend: 8-20
Buttons / Snaps: 5 each
Strap Shorten: 15-25
For specific pricing please contact via email. Pictures are always helpful. 

Please allow at least 1 week for tailoring orders. 

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