From Al's Tailoring to SAUNDERS

You might be wondering... "What the heck is going on?"


WHY: When the pandemic started I, Al, "lost" my studio. I didn't want to have tailoring clients in my home during this time. When it became an option to go back to the studio and live the dream with Bobbi of Hazel & Rose, there were financial roadblocks. Mainly I was using my monthly studio funds on therapy and I chose to continue that route. Over the years since the pandemic started, I have spent a lot of time focusing on priorities. Having done tailoring professionally since I was 16, after more than half of my life I wanted to choose a different path. Therefore, Saunders was born! It's still Al's bags, but with a more refined approach. 


HOW: The transition is slow! This is one, to help remind people of the transition. Renaming a known brand is HARD WORK! That is why you will still see in your browser - the site is linked to it. Things will change slowly and smoothly. Another reason for doing it this way is to keep all Al's Gift Cards working in the saunders studio. 


WHEN: Its all happening! Like, right now!